When you eat the colors of the rainbow you help to shape a healthy heart.

What should you expect during your initial and follow-up consultations?

Initial Consultation

Our initial meeting is centered on learning about you and your lifestyle, your health and wellness goals, and to develop an individualized plan tailored to meet those needs. During this visit I will review your medical, diet and family history; medication and supplement usage; available lab work.  The first visit typically lasts about one hour.  

Follow-up Consultation

During these sessions your individualized plan, log and goals are discussed and reviewed.  I will work with you to adjust your plan as needed and provide additional motivational techniques to better help you reach your objectives.  The second visit is typically scheduled about one-two weeks later.  Additional follow-up sessions are scheduled according to your individualized plan, your personal needs and your lifestyle.  The follow-up consultations will last between 30-60 minutes.  

Additional Services

  • Supermarket tours
  • Kitchen and Pantry Rehabilitation
  • Restaurant and Menu Guidance 

While your sessions may differ over time, there is one theme--self-empowerment through an individualized program centered on your needs, and your health and wellness goals.